A Radio Show That Expands Possibilities For Your Life

Radio Show

Tune in to the Voiceamerica.com “Influencers” channel every Thursday at 10:00 am Pacific Standard time.

“Mastermind with Dr. Rebekah”

This is a show about possibilities. When you’re tired of boundaries and limitations, and are ready for expansion and growth, tune in and spend some time with us. Elevate your consciousness to a level that allows you to achieve your physical, mental, and spiritual goals. We aim to help you hone your intelligence, resilience, and the self-awareness necessary to create positive, long-lasting change.

Our ideal audience is comprised of people who are successful and highly motivated to make the changes necessary to transform their lives, and are looking for the tools and direction to do so. We believe that by applying the skills and ideas presented in this show, you will discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever thought you were.

Here are just some of the show’s benefits:

  • Awaken your mind’s hidden power, so that you can realize your most meaningful goals.
  • Tap into your deeper self so that you can face and release your fears.
  • Learn the art of self hypnosis so that you can program your unconscious mind for maximum performance.
  • Learn expert memory techniques so that you can control one of your mind’s most powerful tools.
  • Rediscover your creativity so that you can awaken your dormant talents to live a richer, fuller, more vibrant life.

Topics include:

Self hypnosis, memory tricks and tips, Enhancing your creativity, Memorizing Cards like a Pro, Overcoming your fears to accomplish your goals, The Effects of Sound and Vibration on the Mind, and Using the Power of Smell for Healing and Mental Clarity.

You can also find us at Voiceamerica.com Mobile, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, Overcast, and Player.FM