Harnessing the power of the mind to create real change

Public Speaking

How to hypnotize anybody (and use your power for good)

In this fun and engaging talk, Dr. Rebekah demystifies hypnosis and lets you see how useful this simple tool can be.

Hypnosis in the Bible

Dr. Rebekah provides a rare opportunity to learn about how Christ may have used hypnotic language and techniques in order to more deeply embed His teachings into our hearts and minds.

Memory 101: Simple memory techniques to improve mental fitness

Everyone desires to have a sharper, more efficient mind. In this workshop, Dr. Rebekah will teach you how your mind works, and how to use this knowledge to build a powerful, efficient memory—names, credit cards, phone numbers—no sweat!

Using hypnosis to enhance performance and create change

Would you like to be a little more productive, a little more focused? There are proven techniques to help you maximize your performance, whether in business, sports, or school.

Master these techniques, and you can use them anywhere for almost anything.

Hypnosis for physical healing

As a medical doctor certified in clinical hypnosis, Dr. Rebekah is uniquely qualified to provide you with ways to manage your acute or chronic illness using hypnosis. She can also help you prepare for surgery so that you will be calmer beforehand, and more comfortable afterwards. Many people also experience less bleeding and faster healing times using hypnosis.

Overcoming fear to achieve more

Dr. Rebekah teaches the alchemy of transforming the energy of your fears to propel you to greatness.

Consider Dr. Rebekah for your next panel discussion as well.

Please inquire if you would like a talk crafted especially for your group. We will be glad to make it happen!