Discover Infinite Possibilities for Your Life

Dr. Rebekah Hughey is a board-certified integrative physician whose passion is to improve the lives of others. She uses her unique blend of experience in education, medicine, and brain research to help others find meaning in their lives.

  • Award-Winning Teacher
  • Best-selling Author
  • International Talk Radio Host
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Hospitalist
  • Leadership and Self-empowerment Coach
  • Mnemonist
  • Public Speaker

Our Five Core Beliefs

  • We believe that your body and mind cooperate to form an inherently ordered and intelligent being capable of achieving balance and self-healing.
  • We believe that a state of wellness is achieved only through creating harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.
  • We believe in your mind-body connection and in your mind's ability to make real physiological change leading to healing.
  • We believe in your ability to imagine and achieve great things.
  • We believe in the infinite power of your mind to create the life you desire.

Radio Show

Dr. Rebekah hosts a radio show about possibilities. This program is perfect for individuals who are tired of boundaries and limitations. If you are ready for expansion and growth, you should listen so you can learn how to improve your life and reach your physical, mental, and spiritual goals.

You will learn helpful skills that can lead you to discover your potential to become a much better person. We discuss topics that will help you enhance your creativity, overcome your fears, and improve your memory skills.

Public Speaking

Dr. Rebekah has a series of talks and workshops about hypnosis , memory, and personal empowerment. You may also invite her to speak at your next workshop or panel discussion, have her create a personalized talk for your group.

Transcend Being

This is our signature seven-week coaching program that will help you better yourself. Following a brief orientation, we will focus on mastering the five distinct dimensions of your life. Each week, you will receive an individualized hypnosis recording that will help you learn how to access the power of your unconscious mind so that you can:

  • Remain powerful in the present moment
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Conquer limiting beliefs
  • Align your actions with your core values


“I am a Broadway actor and had reached a point in my audition process where I felt blocked. The blockage was emotional and spiritual. I came to Dr. Hughey just before an important audition to try and relieve some of the anxiety I was having. She made a customized script for me that took me through some visualization exercises as well as a mantra. After just a few times executing the script, I was able to unlock myself, and ended up having the most successful audition I’ve had in a long time!"


“It was amazing working with Dr. Hughey. She is patient, and a very good listener. She came up with a hypnosis script which totally transformed my golf game. I realized that a lot of problems had to do with lack of focus off of the green. Now I’m much more confident when I’m on it.”


“Dr. Hughey’s leadership helps develop our resilience practices so we better understand how we can choose to show up in our power to counter anxiety and stress. Her leadership in this work is vital to our success.”


(NC Black Women’s Roundtable)

“Dr. Hughey spoke at Baptist Grove Church and the women were blessed beyond measure. The Holy Spirit moved from heart to heart as Dr. Hughey spoke to the women about healthy dinner choices and how spiritual nourishment is just as important as prayer and meditation. Her humble approach connected to scientific data made a significant impact on the women. Dr. Hughey empowered the women through a powerful affirmative exercise. It was life changing!”


Reach Out to Us

In addition to speaking engagements, we offer Dr. Rebekah's co-authored best-selling book, essential oils, and powerful mini e-books.  All products are available online.  Email us to learn more.